home energy storage

Energy Storage with a Modern Twist

Powering your home has never looked so good. Storz Power has kept the modern home in mind with the new Resi + Home Battery System with the all new AI+. With these looks you have the freedom to put your new energy sytem anywhere to add a fresh modern feel to any style of living.

backup power

essential load support

Utility grid failures happen and so does spoiled milk. With the Storz Power Resi+ battery system you can have reliable backup power for those essential loads that matter most. Refrigerators, freezers, stove top lighting and even life supporting medical equipment. Our goal is to support life and keep those groceries cold another day.

solar install


Are you wanting to go Solar or already have a solar system and interested in energy storage? Storz Power has you covered for both occasions. With just one phone call Storz Power can fit a custom solution for you and your homes needs. Also we offer financing and a nationwide installation coverage as well.