home energy storage

Energy Storage with a Modern Twist

Combine 1 or more of the modern battery packs by Storz Power™ with solar, or use it independently, to provide your home with power both day and night. Provide emergency power to refrigerators, lighting, or medical equipment.


Storz Power™ is proud to launch the all new AI+ which enables our energy storage with full access to communication control, data and analytics. This will allow for the smartest energy storage systems to be implemented in the world. This Tech can benefit any home, business, micro-grid or utility projects needs.

utility + micro grid

1-250 megawatt hours

Storz Power™ BESS maximizes power density while reducing the physical footprint. This puts us up to 50% of the size of the competition. Micro Grids are also supported with full EMS Software and is also partnered with the top inverter manufacturers in the world to support any size project.


business storage

200-1200 VOLT ESS

Multiple 10kWh packs can be connected by Storz Power™ to expand capacity. Seamlessly supports small and medium-sized businesses with or without solar for demand response, peak shaving, load shifting & backup power when its most critical.